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Trick-or-Treat and coffee please

There is a complex coffee roasted peanut smell rising from my coffee mug. My coffee this morning is Sundae’s peanut butter coffee. The very thought of peanut butter makes me crave that sweet, earthy and buttery flavour. I know that the creamy oily texture that both sticks and melts won’t be present in my coffee… Continue reading Trick-or-Treat and coffee please

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Cauldrons, Crypts & Coffee

Please come in for a spooktacular drink. Here at Cauldrons, Crypts & Coffee we have your creepy cravings covered. You can hunt for your own fresh eyeballs in the eyeball patch or place your colour order and we will serve them to you, you can naw on fresh bones, feast on fried flesh stripes or… Continue reading Cauldrons, Crypts & Coffee

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What is in your coffee mug this morning?

I am at a loss for words regarding the smell of my coffee this morning. It is a soft comforting smell that is kind of sweet. It actually masks the smell of the coffee! The taste is soft as well and a bit creamy. For me that rich bitter taste of coffee that I enjoy… Continue reading What is in your coffee mug this morning?

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Torture & Torment

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Torture & Torment.” Halloween has long been one of my favourite celebrations of the year. Graveyards, skeletons, ghosts, haunted houses, black cats, witches, bats, goblins, ghouls, spider webs and more; who doesn’t love it? Now let’s talk torture and torment. When I became a mother Halloween took on a new twist… Continue reading Torture & Torment

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Coffee boil and bubble

The cauldron is heating up over an open fire and the red orange flames are licking the cast iron sides. The glacier water, no longer glacier, starts to bubble making a nice rolling and bubbling sound. Into the cauldron an aged hand pours a small bowl of brown beans previously ground by a mortar and… Continue reading Coffee boil and bubble


Solve all your problems with…

Solve all your problems with your very own monster in a can! Order now; your very own monster in a can! Simply take off the lid, set it in the moonlight and watch it grow. No two are the same. Perfect for terrorizing your neighbours, curing the neighbours dog of barking, encouraging the children to… Continue reading Solve all your problems with…