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Hushed notes of a breaking day

For those of you who have shared weekend coffee with me for any period of time, I’m sure you’d say, “Well, she likes to start her morning with coffee.” I would respond, “True, my friend.” However, what is my favourite thing to accompany that morning coffee? Reading and/or writing, of course. What’s better than the… Continue reading Hushed notes of a breaking day


Author Interview: Don Bourque

Willow Awakened, Ascended, Avenged Author Don BourqueIllustrator Brayden SotoPublished in 2021Publisher is Friesen PressAvailable in eBook, paperback (print length 222 pages), HardcoverDark Fantasy for Youth Adults | Folk Tales & Myths Sagas & Epics for Young Adults Love, loss, betrayal, sacrifice, war, politics and triumph in a fantasy setting. This novel offers excellent and surprising… Continue reading Author Interview: Don Bourque

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To sip or to wait—that is the question.

The steam streams up from the deep brown java in my mug. I watch with thoughts of the pleasure that the first sip will create. But I note the heat and wonder, do I wait or sip now? I know the level of heat rising from my coffee will scald my lips and tongue, then… Continue reading To sip or to wait—that is the question.


Balloons on a bumper

I have to stop their fatal mistake. “Check your colours,” I yell as I run, waving my arms frantically. They’re trying to use only cloud white balloons. “STOP.” I holler. “You need more colours.” I blow out the breath I was holding and turn toward the balloon stand, grabbing two blue and two yellow to… Continue reading Balloons on a bumper

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Ice Caramel Macchiato

There is an interesting separation of liquids in my iced coffee. The off-white hue of the milk has sneaking trails of light brown framing it and forcing a path through it. This milk and coffee mixture looks soft and silky. A slightly darker shade of brown splotches the sides of the cup and coats the… Continue reading Ice Caramel Macchiato

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Leafy Shadows with my coffee…

The noise of my coffee brewing in the camper is a distinct sound from it brewing in the house. The whole coffee experience is different in the camper. I brew my coffee when we camp in an old one cup coffee drip. Sounds of coffee brewing is a rolling over of bubbling hot water, rhythmic… Continue reading Leafy Shadows with my coffee…


Oxygenated Appetite

The feeling of discomfort grows. A strong desire turns to a craving, an insufferable appetite. Humans, a vampire’s cattle, walk before me unaware of their looming slaughter. Imaging the movement of the body fluid that fills their circulator systems overwhelms me. What shade of red runs through their veins? No matter, when the hemoglobin in… Continue reading Oxygenated Appetite