Book 1

The Ember Stone: Book 1 of The Ember Files

Fiction | Fantasy | Urban
Fiction | Humorous | General
Fiction | Women
388 Pages
ISBN 978-1-7778033-9-1 (Paperback) | $17.95 CAD
ISBN 978-1-990831-00-3 (eBook) | $7.95 CAD
On-sale Date: June 8, 2022
Available through Amazon and Ingram (Worldwide)
Twin Horseshoes Publishing

Revised Edition will be released June 8, 2023

Embrace your magic!

As life catapults her into a magical world at war, Kori Ember must recognize her existence isn’t conventional. The life of her sister, Alivia, and the fate of all Spellbinders depends on Kori. And if that isn’t complicated enough, an unforeseen chemistry between Kori and the sinister Belamey Adelgrief, son of her known enemy, adds confusion. What starts out for Kori as a rescue mission, turns into a series of events that will change her life forever. Surrounded by mysterious threats, passion, and violence, Kori knows that her only chance for survival is to accept the two incompatible worlds that make her so unique.

  • Book Club Reading Guide Available inside the novel.
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Revised sample chapter available.

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