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Cauldrons, Crypts & Coffee

Please come in for a spooktacular drink. Here at Cauldrons, Crypts & Coffee we have your creepy cravings covered. You can hunt for your own fresh eyeballs in the eyeball patch or place your colour order and we will serve them to you, you can naw on fresh bones, feast on fried flesh stripes or order a simple potion to go. Whether you want fear, fantasy or a bloodcurdling time we can deliver. Pull up a headstone and sit right down. Can I offer you an eyeball while you decide on a drink?

Everything is brewed in the same unwashed pit because we like every flavour to compliment the last. Today’s special is goblin java served hot in a mini cauldron on top of fresh cemetery dirt and pair with baby ghosts, black blood straws and cinnamon sticks. We are also offering midnight mist brain juice hot or iced served with the best dead finger sticks in the cemetery and we also unearthed mausoleum mummy to make a rancid batch of spine-chilling worm dirt served in a filthy skull. I will give you a few minutes to scrawl your order in blood…

If we were having coffee I would share with you that we made a few fun Halloween treats. We made Halloween popcorn, Rice Krispies Monsters, Halloween themed chocolate covered marshmallows and alien/monster cupcakes. Lots of fun and tasty too. We wouldn’t normally make so many treats but since we opted to not go Trick-or-Treating this year we wanting to do some different fun things. On top on the baking we decorated on Friday for the big Halloween hunt Saturday night. I will try and remember to share a few pictures next week when we have a virtual coffee. What are you Halloween plans?

If we were having coffee we would probably need to talk weather. So we had snow here since October 20 but it melted on Tuesday and we woke up Friday to another world of white. The weather forecast says 5 degrees Saturday, 11 degrees Sunday staying in the plus until it snows again Wednesday. Strange weather. How is the weather in your part of the world?

If we were having coffee it would be time for you to hold the coffee pot.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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11 thoughts on “Cauldrons, Crypts & Coffee

  1. I LOVE it! Oh, just the thought. gag! Showed pics to hubby, he said “That’s Sick!” with a laugh. I’ll take a couple of fingers… do you have toes, too? I recently broke mine and am looking for replacements. LOL! No kids here, but we’re going to stay up past our bedtime watching old b/w horror movies…starting with Frankenstein and the Wolfman! Got a large pumpkin to carve, which will yield seeds to roast (uh, baby vamp teeth!). Have a great evening. and BOO!

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    1. It was as lot of fun to make those treats and I do enjoy getting a reaction out of those who eat them. old b/w horror movies with fresh pumpkin seeds sounds great! Hope you had a good night. Thanks for stopping in for a virtual cup of coffee.

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  2. Wow – Shari shares finger food. I’ve never seen this done so well.
    We don’t get any kids here on normal years and this year I doubt we’ll see any in the neighborhood. Not sure what we’ll do, Neither one of us can be trusted when there’s a good book nearby.

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    1. I confess Gary that I did some reading after the children went to bed last night. Reading is a great way to spend time. Thanks for stopping in for a virtual cup. Hope you have a great week.


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