The Cupcake Murders

“Aunt Lydia was here today Sierra, she left something for you in the kitchen. I’ll see you in the morning after my shift,” her mother yelled as she sprinted out the front door. Sierra was never sure what to expect when aunt Lydia left her something. In private Sierra joked that aunt Lydia was actually a nut Lydia.

Slowly Sierra peeked into the kitchen and noticed Halloween themed cupcakes on the counter. The bright orange wrapper housed chocolate chip pumpkin flavoured cake topped with a butter rum icing. They were Sierra’s favourite. However, Sierra couldn’t help but notice that there was something unnerving about the cute little toppers on the cupcakes. She stood and watched them for a while as if they might move, and when they didn’t a sigh of relief actually escaped from her.

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Photograph by Shari Marshall ©

She ate one. It was delicious. They pumpkin was flavoured nicely with hints of cinnamon and nutmeg and the butter rum pulled all the flavours together to make it pop on the taste buds. The flavours seemed to die in her mouth when she turned towards the counter. The cupcakes had shifted and were glaring at her.

“It’s just your imagination,” she whispered to herself. “It’s just your imagination, clearly aunt Lydia had put too much rum in the icing.”

Sierra started to walk out of the kitchen. She cast one quick glance over her shoulder and the only witch cupcake topper winked at her. Sierra walked into the wall, bounced back and fled full speed to her bedroom. She passed the night in her room and didn’t return to the kitchen again.

Sierra slept hard and heard nothing until her mother thundered into her room raving about the mess in the kitchen. “It looks like you spent the night murdering cupcakes,” she fumed. Sierra wiped the sleep from her eyes and tried to focus on what her mother was saying. “You will march down stairs right now and clean up the mess!” Her mother stormed back out of her room.

Sierra made her way to the kitchen in a sleepy fog. She entered the kitchen and stopped dead. Tangerine coloured icing was smeared from one end of the counter to the other and tiny plops of it was scattered on the floor in front of the counter. There was paper debris scattered around and it appeared to be the pieces of 2 cupcake wrappers. There were 2 cupcakes smashed beyond recognition on the counter and the ghost and Frankenstein cake toppers hand multiple puncture wounds; Frankenstein still had a fork stuck in him!

Sierra scanned the counter and noticed a bat, vampire and mummy cupcake sitting silent at the back of the counter. There was no mess in the area that they were sitting. She didn’t note anything out of the ordinary at the time and started cleaning wondering what in the world happened in the kitchen while she slept.

Sierra finished the cleaning and was about to leave the room. She cast a glance at the counter and froze. The witch cupcake was sitting in front of the others and seemed to smirking at her. Sierra knew at that point that the witch was responsible for the murder of the ghost and Frankenstein. Murder of a cupcake? Seriously Sierra get a grip. Sierra walked over and picked the witch cupcake up turning it over and around for inspection. Aunt Lydia and her mother must be playing some kind of trick on her. Sierra placed the witch back on the counter and checked that the back door was locked. She left the kitchen to shower and watch some television before lunch.

A crash came from the kitchen as soon as Sierra turned the television on. She rushed into the room. The mummy cupcake was upside down on the floor, destroyed! The bat and vampire were on the opposite side of the counter from the witch and they were faced towards the witch as if afraid. The witch was facing Sierra smirking. Sierra thought she heard a faint cackle.

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Photograph by Shari Marshall ©

This had to stop. Sierra ran across the kitchen and picked up the witch cupcake. She pulled the witch off and held her in one hand so she could see Sierra’s mouth. Sierra ate the cupcake. The witch screamed. Sierra didn’t miss a beat as she throw the wrapper and the witch into the garbage, tied the bag, and ran it outside to the bin.

When she returned to the kitchen the vampire and the bat no longer seemed unnerving, they seemed like normal cupcakes. Sierra jumped when the phone rang and grabbed up the receiver with lightning speed. Aunt Lydia’s voice floated over the line amid the sounds of crackling static, “How’s your training going Lydia?”

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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