Ghost Monster (Guest Post by a 6 year old)

The following story is written and illustrated by a creative little 6 year old boy. This little boy wanted to be a part of the ghost story theme on “Writing is Communication” and he created the following for your reading enjoyment. The Penis Chronicles presents, “Ghost Monster.” There was a guy name ghost monster. He… Continue reading Ghost Monster (Guest Post by a 6 year old)


A Ghost Inspired “would you rather?

Would you rather be a ghost or a poltergeist? Would you rather be a bat or a black cat? Would you rather be the haunter or the haunted? Would you rather be a skeleton or a mummy? Would you rather ride a broom or change into a bat? Would you rather be a pumpkin or… Continue reading A Ghost Inspired “would you rather?

Parenting & Other Life Stories


The Penis Chronicles presents, “Merry-go-round” One of my favourite summer activities growing up was having a campfire with ghost stories. I liked listening but more often than not I was the storyteller and I loved getting my younger cousins scared out of their minds. Anyway, camping in August this year I said to my boys… Continue reading Merry-go-round


Unexplained Shadows

Silent heavy air. Subtle vibrations in its current indicate I’m not alone. Casting my eyes I search for unexplained shadows while straining my ears for whispers so faint they are inaudible to most. There is calm now where there was once fear. Surrendering, my subconscious plays with the veil between realities. Time bends slightly. It… Continue reading Unexplained Shadows