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Enjoy the aroma of coffee

The air is filled with the complex aroma of coffee and we start our time together in silence just enjoying the smell. Without looking up from the depths of my mug I say, “September was a fast month, but what a crazy month!” We drop back into silence considering this. What can I tell you… Continue reading Enjoy the aroma of coffee

Coffee Blog

Our first November Coffee

The coffee in my hands offers a nice contrast to the snowy ground outside. As I sip it slowly this morning watching the air I am mystified by the quick change in weather that now fills the mornings with air full of ice crystals and snowflakes. As October 31 crystallized into November the shift brought… Continue reading Our first November Coffee


Halloween Baking with Boys

Edible blood covered cupcakes to celebrate Halloween. Edible Blood: Agave Coco Powder Red Food Colouring Add 1 drop of red food colour to the top of the cake mix and swirl with a toothpick before placing in the oven. The boys loved making the designs. Ice cupcakes with a frosting of your choice, I like… Continue reading Halloween Baking with Boys