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Enjoy the aroma of coffee

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The air is filled with the complex aroma of coffee and we start our time together in silence just enjoying the smell. Without looking up from the depths of my mug I say, “September was a fast month, but what a crazy month!” We drop back into silence considering this.

What can I tell you about this past week?

The first week of October was a short work week for me which is nice. It is Thanksgiving weekend and Thanksgiving leads into my birthday and then thoughts turn to Halloween. This year for Halloween the boys have decided to be a zombie skeleton and the grim reaper. I was a bit surprised by their choices because Star Wars had been the plan until we got to the store. I found a great scarecrow costume that I thought would go well with their costume choices but I couldn’t get a size big enough to fit over my winter coat, so I am going to have to go out looking again. From there, and this may seems a bit strange, but my thoughts turn forward to Christmas usually in the fall. I start to think of things like what picture is going on the Christmas card and how many school pictures do I need to go with the Christmas cards this year…

That reminds me, did I tell you about the fitness challenge my husband and I are having. Just a friendly little challenge with high stakes. So we both set a fitness goal at the beginning of September and we have until the middle of December to reach it. The winner, which will be me of course (haha), gets to pick the 2019 vacation destination as well as the price cap for it! Basically, all we are doing is eating a bit cleaner and getting back on track with regular exercise. It’s going okay. Those first few days of cleaning up the eating were hard though. I love sweets so I had a bit of withdrawal. Now I am over the hurdle I add a cookie or two once or twice a week.

Besides all of that I am counting down the days until October 16. I am very excited to see my story in print. Chicken Soup The Wonder of Christmas

Of course, talk of writing brings to mind question about posting once a day from a few coffee posts ago. I have taken all the feedback I received and considered it. I think I am going to go ahead and give it a try just for 2019. It is going to be my 2019 writing challenge. I am also doing research and character profile development for a summer writing inspiration so I will keep that on the table throughout 2019 as well.

Anyway, if we were having coffee I would ask you what coffee news you have to share?

By Shari Marshall – 2018

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3 thoughts on “Enjoy the aroma of coffee

  1. How fun! I love Halloween shopping with my daughter. We went last weekend. Haven’t decided upon costumes yet, but got some decorations. I was very tempted to get pumpkins to carve this weekend, but I didn’t, they would go bad before Halloween in our climate. Congratulations on your book! How exciting!!!

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  2. Hi Shari, our kiddos outgrew Halloween years ago and our home isn’t really on a trick-or-treat circuit (can’t been seen from the road and few children in the neighborhood) but the arrival of fall is very much welcome here. Fall for us = light rain, so lots of things green-up and freshen-up and cool-down. Not a lot of coffee news and just a bit of writing due to heavy work demands. More details in my share essay.
    Hope the fall is great to you and your family.

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