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Sweet is at war with bitter

My coffee brand this morning is Cookie Jar Coffee. The flavour takes its lead from the salted caramel cookie. The cookie is chewy, but I know that won’t be part of my coffee experience today because I lack cookies. The coffee is a deep darkness in my mug. Sweet vanilla-caramel smell wars with the fragrance… Continue reading Sweet is at war with bitter

Coffee Blog

A Writing Sparkle Coffee Memoir

My mild taste for coffee turned into a full blown addiction. My nervous system needed the stimulant to function. I needed the caffeine because of the benefits of improved alertness, concentration, energy, clear-headedness, and feelings of sociability that it kindled. I was long past the person who needed a cup of coffee in the morning,… Continue reading A Writing Sparkle Coffee Memoir

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Coffee & Inevitability

The hot liquid rolls through my mouth punctuating its presences with a sharp pungent taste that makes that first sip shocking. I’m not interesting in noticing any of the finer features in my mug today because I am feeling a little bitter this morning. One of my favourite coffee mugs has a rather long crack… Continue reading Coffee & Inevitability

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Horrified by Cheese Cake

It all started with my husband’s request for a birthday cake. “Yuck, CHEESE cake” My oldest son screamed. He was horrified. I could see his mind trying to fit together the idea of a moist spongy cake with that of all the various types of cheese that he was familiar with: cheese slices, melted cheese… Continue reading Horrified by Cheese Cake


A Parade of Monkeys for Darrell

Darrell’s 10th birthday party is tomorrow. All he wants is a parade. He has spent the last few weeks lining up his toy monkeys in honour of the parade he is sure he’ll get for his birthday. He has asked for only one thing, a parade of monkeys. He falls asleep wearing his monkey pajamas,… Continue reading A Parade of Monkeys for Darrell