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Horrified by Cheese Cake

It all started with my husband’s request for a birthday cake.


“Yuck, CHEESE cake” My oldest son screamed. He was horrified. I could see his mind trying to fit together the idea of a moist spongy cake with that of all the various types of cheese that he was familiar with: cheese slices, melted cheese sticks, brick cheese cut, shredded or melted, and cheese whiz. I agreed with his strong aversion to cheeses: cheese whiz, cheese strings, cheese slices…

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Anyway, try as I did to explain he just wasn’t listening. I left him with an exasperated, “you’ll see, and you will love it!”

It was my younger son who helped me make the cheese cake and I almost had to wrestle the cream cheese away from him. Apparently he loves it (typically at daycare, but no interest at home usually). Anyway, when served the pair of them devoured it and wanted more. We had to remind them that dad probably wanted a piece of his birthday cake!

No Bake Cheese Cake

Graham Crumbs prepared as directed on the box.

Small package of cream cheese
1 envelop of dream whip
1 cup of icing sugar

Prepare the dream whip as directed on the box, then set aside. Soften cream cheese slightly so it is easier to blend with the icing sugar. Add the icing sugar slowly creaming it into the cream cheese. Once blended added it to the dream whip and mix completely. Spread on top of the graham crumbs and cover with cherries (or fruit topping of your choice). Chill and serve.

By Shari Marshall – 2018