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The Space Between Bookstore: A to Z Theme Reveal

This is my second year participating in the A to Z challenge. This year I wanted to try something a bit different with my posts. Last year I learned a few things by participating and by enjoying other participant’s posts. That said, my theme this years is flash fiction.

My stories will be built around a strange and magical bookstore. I guess my posts will fall under the speculative fiction genre; I think they will anyway. My catch line or title for my posts will read like this: The Space Between Bookstore presented by A to Z 100 word stories. My plan is for each post to build on the one before it.

A to Z theme reveal image mine

My original inspiration for The Space Between Bookstore came from the movie “The NeverEnding Story.” For anyone familiar with the movie I was thinking about the part where Bastian firsts finds the book after running into the bookstore, the bookstore itself isn’t featured much but it has that mysterious feel to it.

My letter A is for Anomalous. It will leads us into the world of The Space Between Bookstore. There are two more things about my posts that I would like to share. First, if you didn’t catch it in the title I mentioned above my posts will all be 100 words. I wanted to share something that was fast, enjoyable, and easy to read. The second thing is that I will be using a writing prompt as a jumping off point for each post. My prompts will come from a post I did last year, 101 Writing Prompts.

Can’t wait to share and to read what you all share. See you all in April…

By Shari Marshall – 2018

Note: YouTube clip from JVR Movies, searched on March 19, 2018

23 thoughts on “The Space Between Bookstore: A to Z Theme Reveal

  1. Sounds like a great theme, and anyway how can I resist a story set in anything similar to The Neverending Story? It was my favourit book as a kid and last Christmas I reread it after decades and still enjoyed it.
    I’ll be back!

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  2. Love the concept. I’m doing something similar—26 supernatural stories set in a retirement community (1st hand knowledge), but mine are 700-1200 words. I can’t imagine squeezing them down any smaller. I’m interested to read yours and see how it’s done.

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  3. What fun! I love bookstores (and so does my little dragon mascot, Bookwyrm)! We will definitely be following you via the A to Z challenge from Dragon’s Eye View. Now I need to go checkout your last year’s challenge!

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