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Dream a Little Dream

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“Mommy I can’t sleep tonight. I’m going to have a bad dream.” The little voice cried from beneath the depths of blankets and stuffed animals.

This was quickly becoming a regular occurrence that needed to be curbed. Hmm, I thought to myself as I looked down at the tiny form that was now reaching up towards me with chubby little arms. I smiled and leaned down to hug him as the answer slowly started to form in my head. “Well, sweet boy I will give you a dream,” I cooed. In a very animated manner I put my finger to my head and pretended to draw a stream of thought out and into my hand. I pretended to stir in sprinkles, and I blew into the imaginary concoction in my hand. I asked what he wanted to dream about as I shook my cupped hand and picked up the fake dream. I leaned down and pretended to put it into his ear. He giggled and closed his eyes.

The next night was the same, and soon my other son wanted in on the magic. The dream box was born.

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Inside the dream box contained magic dreams collected from magical places: scales of dragons, jewels mined from Dwarf Mountain, fairie treats… They loved it, but where did it come from?

Another story was born about a friend of Mommy’s. He is a very special friend who has a very special job, and his jobs lets him travel to all sorts of magical places and make all sorts of friends. So, I told him about the dream trouble and he brought this little dream box after filling it with special dreams from very secret places…

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Sweet dreams.

By Shari Marshall – 2018

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