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Hazelnut Coffee & an Update

If we were having coffee…

Recent ½ marathon time: 2 hours & 10 Minutes

The scent of hazelnut is prominent in the room this morning. It’s a bitter sweet smell that is punctuated with subtle woody hints. The flavor, as it washes through the mouth, is simply creamy hazelnut. It is warm and welcome. Can I offer you a cup?

A lot happened in just the span of a week, a lot of heavy stuff that coffee helps to drag the feet through. My younger son had a pretty hard time. He was slapped by a staff member at his daycare. Less than a week after that he was very sick and had to get an IV which he now refers to as a “water needle.” In between those things out male boxer died. After 11 ½ years of sharing our lives with him he has left a very large hole in our lives.


As if all of that wasn’t enough the puppy managed to eat around 4 of the leaves off of my coffee plant. For a large and clumsy beast she was very graceful and quiet while sneaking these toxic leaves from the plant. (The plant was up on a table by the way and not in an easy to reach location.) So, we had to watch her closely for a few days. She has the guts of a tiger shark though!

Anyway, as March is wrapping up April’s A-Z challenge is rolling out before us. The Space Between Bookstore is my writing topic this year.

The scent of coffee has faded from the air and the day is slowly shifting into gear. Time to retire the coffee mug and sludge forward into today…

By Shari Marshall – 2018

11 thoughts on “Hazelnut Coffee & an Update

  1. I’m sorry about your boxer. I’m sure there is a giant hole in your heart 😦 I think boxers are the greatest, but may be biased in that respect. Also your poor son seems to have had a bad week! I hope next week is better for you and your family!

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    1. Thank you. Boxer’s are a wonderful breed of dog. I have owned other breeds but once my first boxer came into my life I became a boxer owner forever. My little guy seems to be moving forward, and the talk of water needles is fading.

      This coming week is spring break, so I image there will be some dramatics but hopefully more of an entertaining sort. Thanks for stopping in.

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the dog – it’s hard to lose a pet like that. But I’m glad to hear the puppy is doing well despite tempting fate — one of our guys used to LOVE to eat coffee beans, so I do think some dogs just have stomachs of iron!
    Thanks for the coffee!

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    1. “Tempting fate” is the perfect way to word it, thank you. She likes to tempt fate and if I blink she’s right at it, at this point I am not sure what she hasn’t either eaten or attempted to eat. She has more toys then my children do, but she goes looking for trouble!

      The actually coffee beans? Yikes!

      Thank you for stopping by to share a coffee.

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  3. Oo wow, I sure hope you all get to enjoy a peaceful Easter. My whole being cringed when you said that your son been slapped at his daycare. In some countries doing something like that would of meant prison for the daycare person. My prayers to you ❤

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