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Anomalous – The Space Between Bookstore presented by A to Z 100 word stories

Photo by Shari Marshall


Today riding the bus I saw a narrow aged stone building wedged between modernized store fronts. It had the potential to stand out or blend away. The small front window was obscured by internal layers of dust, and the door beside it was an ornate ancient wood with a bronze oval doorknob set in the middle under a stain glass window. A dilapidated sign hung crooked over the door: “Enter if you dare!” It was hard to imagine anyone going in there. What kind of bookstore sold books that way? However, it beckoned for me to get off the bus…

By Shari Marshall – April 1, 2018

Theme Reveal

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Prompt for this 100 word post is from 101 Writing Prompts, prompt #64.

43 thoughts on “Anomalous – The Space Between Bookstore presented by A to Z 100 word stories

  1. Oh, very interesting. I’m very intrigued by what’s going in here. I don’t know if I’d go in or not, but definitely tempting.

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  2. I’m a naturally inquisitive person and I love a good mystery and I’m intrigued by old bookstores so I’m definitely going in. I just stopped by from the the challenge to say hi. I really like your theme. Writing prompts are always fun, but using them for the challenge seem especially productive. I can’t wait to read more.

    Melissa @
    Sugar Crime Scene

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