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Pie Flavoured Coffee Series: Coffee 2

My coffee flavour is Grasshopper Pie. I have no idea what Grasshopper pies is. So, as I listen to the soft gurgle and trickle of my coffee brewing I do a fast Google search. Google shows a pastel coloured no-bake mousse pie with a chocolate crumb crust. That first sip reveals none of the flavour… Continue reading Pie Flavoured Coffee Series: Coffee 2

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Coffee in the pre-Christmas build up

The smell of sweet spices rises from my mug: ginger, cinnamon, allspice and cloves. A true gingerbread smell captured in a hot cup of coffee! That honey and molasses odour conjures up warm and cozy holiday feelings. My first sip of Brooklyn Bean Roastery Gingerbread Man brown sugar ginger coffee is no let down. Those… Continue reading Coffee in the pre-Christmas build up


Systematic Investigation

This year I have been writing a novel. Today’s post is about the unexpected goal of research. Previous to this writing project research wasn’t something that figured too greatly into my writing. With this project though there has been a lot of research. I previously mentioned, a few weeks ago in Writing with Wings, that… Continue reading Systematic Investigation