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I love peanut butter, but can it be coffee?

The Keurig bubbles and the flow of liquid follows. Within seconds an oily sweet-earthy bouquet fills the air instantly calling to mind peanut butter. A closer smell reveals bitter undernotes of coffee. This java tastes like burnt nuts. It leaves an oily smooth feel in the mouth. I’m enjoying another Cookie Jar Coffee today. It’s… Continue reading I love peanut butter, but can it be coffee?

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The tea of milk & sugar

Good morning, can I offer you a cup of black tea? This morning, we will be sipping David’s Tea Breakfast Blend. The loose leaf looks like a collection of black splinters with occasional reddish-brown twigs mixed in. It produces a deep reddish-brown tea. I would describe the smell as classic, a classic tea smell. And… Continue reading The tea of milk & sugar

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Coffee and feeling good…

You know it, and I know it, that coffee scent makes you feel good and it helps initiate that wake-up process. Here is something I didn’t know but learned from an article in Psychology Today Canada, “Coffee makes us feel so good because it is able to tap into virtually every reward system our brain… Continue reading Coffee and feeling good…


Laughter after a Long Day

You know those days that seem to never end and the list of frustrations seem to reach insurmountable heights? You stomp through the door at home with steam coming off the top of your head and irritation radiating from every pore. Regardless of whether you are the first one home or the last that loyal… Continue reading Laughter after a Long Day

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Hazelnut Coffee & an Update

If we were having coffee… Recent ½ marathon time: 2 hours & 10 Minutes The scent of hazelnut is prominent in the room this morning. It’s a bitter sweet smell that is punctuated with subtle woody hints. The flavor, as it washes through the mouth, is simply creamy hazelnut. It is warm and welcome. Can… Continue reading Hazelnut Coffee & an Update