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DSC_0088 W - CopyShe hops around in the shaggy lawn. The dew in the grass is cold on the delicate pads of her paws. She is startled by a sudden bodily impulse and she squats without warning to pee. He big brown eyes look up in shock. The cold is too much though and once again she is dancing around in tight circles with her round little tummy almost bending sideways as she moves excitedly. Her enthusiasm for life and her eagerness for attention is coming out of her fat little self in short deep guttural sounds. She is grunting and hopping like a tiny piggy. Her short legs and round body could carry whispers of pig ancestry, but scooping up her furry brown and black body that is radiating warmth from under her cool fur clearly screams puppy. Proud, loveable little boxer puppy. She snuggles in thankful for the warmth. Exhausted from her morning romp she starts snoring!

By Shari Marshall – 2019

Willow with love

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