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The tea of milk & sugar

Good morning, can I offer you a cup of black tea? This morning, we will be sipping David’s Tea Breakfast Blend. The loose leaf looks like a collection of black splinters with occasional reddish-brown twigs mixed in. It produces a deep reddish-brown tea. I would describe the smell as classic, a classic tea smell. And I would describe the flavour the same way. It’s a tea that recalls my youth sipping tea and eating cookies while watching “Road to Avonlea” with my mother. Those were the days when my tea had milk and sugar in it.

If we were having coffee tea, I would start by ask you if you can recommend a book that starts with the letter X or a book that starts with the letter Y? I am working on a book reading line-up for my A to Z book reading aspirations. X and Y are the only letters I haven’t assigned a novel to yet.

If we were having coffee tea, I would share with you that the weather has been nice enough to get out with the family and play Wild Card Soccer. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me explain. Wild Card Soccer is my family squared off on teams of one parent and child versus the other parent and child. Then we add in our boxer as the Wild Card. She plays for whatever team she feels like by stealing the ball, barking, and getting in the way. She even scores goals. We can’t play soccer without her.

If we were having coffee tea, I would share with you that my boys have taken a sudden interest in baseball. They joined a father and son at the park a couple weeks ago, which changed the father and son’s game of pitch and hit into more of a ball game. Since then, I have been summoned to the park a few nights to be the pitcher. My youngest has even taken to finding the Blue Jays games when they are on television. The sound of the baseball game makes me think of summers when I was a child. My grandfather loved baseball. There were a few afternoons I fell asleep in the sun, lulled by the sounds of the game on the television inside.

If we were having coffee tea, I would slide the teapot and the coffee pot in your direction, signalling your turn to share about your week.

By Shari Marshall – 2022

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4 thoughts on “The tea of milk & sugar

  1. Books that start with the letter “Y”…I’m thinking “The Year of Magical Thinking” by Joan Didion. I’ve heard many good things about that book. It’s on my TBR too!

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  2. I laughed Shari at your description of playing soccer with your kids and dog.
    My one dog had a more solemn attitude about such things and never would have gotten into such a game, but one of her pups, one that dad kept after we sold the others was a nut case. He’d do anything with great energy once he got it in his head that we, or any other human for that matter was entertained by it. Thus we led him into all kinds of chaos as my dog often sat nearby and shook her head.
    I can’t think of any titles for your X or Y book needs.
    Sorry for being so late this week. I had – distractions.
    I hope book sales are going great. It seems like you are well engaging the challenge of promotion.

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    1. Dogs are such fun friends. Maddi gets a bit disgruntled with us if we don’t include her in everything. We played a bit of baseball and that isn’t really an activity she can participate in safely, and she pouted!

      The X and Y titles are tricky. I have a bit of time to find titles that fit so we shall see if anything turns up.

      Book visibility is a challenge. Reviews drive visibility, but if nobody knows about the book then they can’t review it. Not sure how to get out of the cycle of invisibility… That said, book two is almost a complete rough manuscript.

      I hope your distractions are either settling or enjoyable. Have a great rest of your week Gary.


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