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Sweet is at war with bitter

My coffee brand this morning is Cookie Jar Coffee. The flavour takes its lead from the salted caramel cookie. The cookie is chewy, but I know that won’t be part of my coffee experience today because I lack cookies. The coffee is a deep darkness in my mug. Sweet vanilla-caramel smell wars with the fragrance of bitter coffee. The taste is smooth and buttery with a bitter punch at the end.

If we were having coffee, I would start by sharing a picture of the most recent puzzle I completed. It’s a 2000-piece Ravensburger.

If we were having coffee, would share with you that Chimera and Curses is available for pre-order in eBook format. It will be available for purchase on March 29th. The revised edition of The Ember Stone has undergone a developmental edit and I’m excited about the changes. It has a copy edit and proofreading to go through. I’m hoping that eBook will be available by June 8th.

If we were having coffee, I would share that my weekend involves birthday celebrations for my husband. Each of my boys is planning to make him a lemon pie (yes he’s getting 2 pies). Chinese food for dinner and double movie night. I find that buying gifts as we get older gets harder and harder. We would probably forego it, but the boys love to give a gift so we continue with it.

What are your weekend plans?

By Shari Marshall – 2023

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10 thoughts on “Sweet is at war with bitter

  1. Hi Shari,
    I sigh when I see your puzzle accomplishments. While I enjoy the relaxation of taking them on, I rarely have the kind of time I need to complete one. My most memorable experience with one was when I was still in grammar school and was forced to sit still thanks to an accident between myself, my friends new bike and a speeding green station wagon which flipped me into a ricochet off the windshield then landing on the street with a fractured leg.
    My parents were not pleased.
    I was grounded for about 3 weeks of sitting still to heal up.
    My mom got me a great puzzle ( ~ 800 pieces as I recall) and I worked like crazy to care for it and progress solving it only to get to the end and find a piece missing. One rotten piece. We searched but I already knew I hadn’t lost it. Somehow it was sold to us with a piece missing. It’s crazy, but that experience left me reluctant to try them ever again. My wife and I did a few together and that was fun, but I still recall that first one. It sat around the house for a few years, but I had no interest in resolving what I knew to be an incomplete set. I also couldn’t see selling it or even giving it away to annoy someone else so it finally landed in the trash can.

    But two lemon pies. . . Now that I could get into. I hope your family has gobs of fun with Dad’s birthday.

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    1. Yes, working hard to finish a puzzle only to find a piece is missing would be upsetting. So, far I haven’t had that which is a miracle with the boys racing around and fling things. It’s going to happen at some point I imagine.

      Lemon pie is not my favourite but everyone else in my house is lemon crazy so . . .

      Have a great week Gary.


  2. The coffee sounds delicious and that puzzle is impressive! Are you going to take the puzzle apart now that you’re done with it? I’m thinking about putting together some puzzles and then going over them with the puzzle glue and framing them to hang in my house. 😀Happy birthday to your husband! 🥳

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    1. Hi Lina. Yes, I took it the puzzle apart. I’ll rebuild it again down the road. I tried the puzzle glue thing, but I wasn’t happy with the outcome, plus I really do enjoy doing them more than once. Thanks for stopping in. Hope your having a great week.

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