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Sweet is at war with bitter

My coffee brand this morning is Cookie Jar Coffee. The flavour takes its lead from the salted caramel cookie. The cookie is chewy, but I know that won’t be part of my coffee experience today because I lack cookies. The coffee is a deep darkness in my mug. Sweet vanilla-caramel smell wars with the fragrance… Continue reading Sweet is at war with bitter

The Ember Files

Tongue Box – A Teaser Post for Chimera and Curses

At one point, early in my parenting career, I thought that my youngest son would never learn how to speak. There’s no reason to learn if someone is going to do it for you. I can’t hazard a guess how many times I had to stop my older son from answering for his brother. What… Continue reading Tongue Box – A Teaser Post for Chimera and Curses

The Ember Files

Cover Reveal – Chimera and Curses

Chimera and Curses is Book 2 of The Ember Files. I have a project release date of March 2023. Shattered Secrets ▪ Malevolent Life Forms ▪ Perilous Missions With Kori’s growing confidence she accepts her first high-risk mission to find a magical creature whose power, in the wrong hands, can dominate the world. Chimera and… Continue reading Cover Reveal – Chimera and Curses