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The hot liquid rolls through my mouth punctuating its presences with a sharp pungent taste that makes that first sip shocking. I’m not interesting in noticing any of the finer features in my mug today because I am feeling a little bitter this morning. One of my favourite coffee mugs has a rather long crack running down its side. This crack is accentuated with 2 tiny chips. Part of me wants to think that it just adds character and age to my mug and who could complain about that? However, I keep thinking this is the end; my favourite coffee mug will soon be gone from me forever! The death of my morning coffee companion seems unavoidable.


In an attempt to not dwell I am going to follow the lead of “coffee companions” for a moment. It is the first weekend of the month and therefore Weekend Coffee Share is part of my blogging mandate. I took note as I was typing that I missed my first of the month Coffee Share at the start of May. Coming off the end of the A – Z Challenge I was a bit sluggish with my writing and I just didn’t pour that extra mug… I suppose at some point missing a coffee date is bound to happen, but I am glad to be back. Coffee tastes so much better with friends!

To catch-up.

Grade 2 is destined to end in a few short weeks and I received an end of the year email from my older boy’s teacher that made me happy. End of the year reading testing was completed and my boy is coming out of grade 2 at 3 reading levels above where he needs to be! He has been giving us so much pushback on doing his homework lately, so it was nice to hear that keeping him at it was paying off. His only homework this year has been reading at night with a few questions to test his comprehension. The pushback lately has been exhausting especially when reading is a regular part of our routine, but something about that connection to the dreaded idea of homework and everything changes.

As for me, in the month of May I received the title of “Subject Matter Resource” at work. What subject you ask? Family Violence. Family Violence work has been a passion of mine for a long time. I was moved out of that section into a different area for a while, but I am back in that field again and happy to be able to continue work in an area that I am passionate about.

Let’s end off this cup of coffee with some pictures from my boy’s birthdays. They are now 5 and 8. Where does the time go? Star Wars was the theme for both this year with a slight variation that one of them wanted Lego Star Wars. Here are a few pictures.

June 2 2018 image 2


June 2 2018 image 6


Thanks for stopping in and sharing a coffee. What’s new with you?

By Shari Marshall – 2018

15 thoughts on “Coffee & Inevitability

  1. You could fix, and keep, your favorite mug by following the Chinese method of broken pottery. Instead of throwing it out, they piece it together with melted gold. Not joking. Once the pieces set, it’s actually quite pretty.


    1. Yes, there is a name for it, I just can’t think of what it is. I should google options for fixing it. It is currently in my cupboard. I drink from the other side and hand wash it, no dishwasher. Haha.

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  2. great cakes, funny how we get attached to our mugs! I had one for my birthday many moons ago with the words….dance, love, sing and live.. on the side, the dish washer gradually erased the words, can’t get rid though as tea just doesn’t taste the same in any other mug.

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  3. On Saturdays, when I write the coffee share post, if I am in NH I always use the McDonald’s Pub mug that is featured in the photo. I’ve had it since college. I will not say how many years ago that has been 😉 I can understand the hardship of loosing the mug. I hope you can repair it.

    I’m glad you are back to the area you are passionate about at work. That always helps.

    Cool cakes. Have a great week!

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    1. I always notice your coffee post mug, it was originally one of the things that made me curious about visiting your coffee posts. It is funny now that I think about it, but when we bought our RV I instantly adopted a camping coffee mug! Interestingly, I have a high school mug still (around 20 or so years old). It is a small one and I can’t actually say when I used it last, and yet I can not part with it.

      Have a great week to you as well.


  4. Hi Shari. Loved your point about your favorite cup. I have one too (who doesn’t?) but mine holds 16 oz in a bland, spill-proof, coffee-brown plastic of some kind. It hold s the heat well so I can enjoy my drink longer. And wow! An SME in family violence… You are fearless and deserve applause for taking on. Hope you have a great weekend.

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    1. I like the sounds of your favourite cup. I have a flower print travel mug with a real pretty green lid that I take to work for my herbal tea. It doesn’t have heat holding power, but I’m partial to it anyway.

      I haven’t reached expert level yet (although I can’t say I would mind), for now I am SMR. Still sounds fancy though. Family Violence is a challenging and emotional area to work within but it can be very rewarding and hopeful as well.

      Hope your weekend was great as well.


  5. Your boys love the same theme as I do 🙂
    Reading every day with your child is a wonderful thing that is setting him up for future success – it is such an important art of learning.

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  6. The Star Wars theme is fabulous! The weekend is over, but I thoroughly enjoyed having coffee with you. I got a heat stroke during the weekend, causing me to be a little late in my coffee drinking habits 🙂 I hope your new week starts out in the most fantastic way!

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