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A Writing Sparkle Coffee Memoir

My mild taste for coffee turned into a full blown addiction. My nervous system needed the stimulant to function. I needed the caffeine because of the benefits of improved alertness, concentration, energy, clear-headedness, and feelings of sociability that it kindled. I was long past the person who needed a cup of coffee in the morning, I had become the person who needed coffee constantly to have energy to stay awake.

Not only was I drinking those harvested, processed, roasted, and brewed beans but I was eating them too. That bitter roasted bean taste combined with the creamy chocolate was a welcomed stimulation for my mouth. I started to crave that slightly sweet yet intense flavour.

Once I realized that I had a bit of a dependence on the java bean I developed a profound disapproval for myself. The idea of having an addiction to anything for any reason was a boat rocker in my world because I was all too familiar with dependency and any association to it was more than I could handle. I stopped eating those tiny chocolate covered treats and stopped drinking the beverage.

My extreme tiredness reached a peak. My head screamed at me for depriving my system of that marvelous stimulant, while at the same time it patted me on the back for being in control. At this point anything had a tendency to annoy me, and I was very free about expressing it. Although in my caffeine withdrawn state I was unaware of how outwardly I was manifesting it.

It was the middle of the night and I was miserable and heavy with weariness, to make matters worse I had just grudgingly refused to participate in the coffee run causing my mouth to salivate and my brain to froth with anger. I was working in a small locked room with two other casino cashiers and a supervisor. It was close quarters. My supervisor was this four foot tall grandmother with a flare that when lit made her go bang! When she heard me refuse a coffee she marched right over to me and reached up to tap my shoulder. I turned and looked down to make eye contact with her, expecting her to give me instruction on something she wanted done, which she did, but it certainly wasn’t what I expected. She looked at me point blank and announced in a voice of authority, “I’m buying you a coffee because you are a bitch tonight!” She stomped out of the room leaving me with no choice but to join the laughter that followed her declaration! My caffeine withdrawal made for a bad few days, but it certainly had some humorous moments as well.

If we were having coffee I would share with you that my birthday is in a few days and so I thought it might be fun to share a story from the life of me and since we are having a virtual cup I decided that it had to fit the theme. Some of you might recall from my post Pass the coffee pot please that I decided that although I reach level 41 this year I am actually celebrating my 40th birthday a second time. So, happy 40th again to me in a few days!

If we were having coffee I would say Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you. I love Thanksgiving! I love October!

If we were having coffee I would share a thing that I am thankful for. A number of months ago I started something at dinner that to my delight has stuck. So, the boys and I were having dinner and I noticed some long faces around the table. I wasn’t sure what was going on but I knew that we needed to turn this around. I introduced what we call “High, Low” to dinner. We each take a turn sharing what the high point of our day was and the low. The boys liked it so much that they started requesting it every night and after a few weeks my younger son added a twist. He introduced the category of what are you looking forward to. The idea is that no matter how bad your day is there is always something in there that is a high or a positive. So, when we go around each person always has to provide a high. However, if you don’t have a low that is okay. Looking forward to is just that, what is something that is coming that you are excited about. It is a really nice dinner time activity and I am thankful that the boys embraced it.

If we were having coffee I would end with a picture share.

One of the quilts that I am making for Christmas.
One of the little trick-or-treat boxes that I am using for our Halloween Hunt.

If we were having coffee I would pass you the coffee pot.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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14 thoughts on “A Writing Sparkle Coffee Memoir

  1. An early happy second 40th birthday! The High/Low game is great, as is the custom of having dinner as a family – too many don’t. We still have a month until our Thanksgiving, but this is Columbus Day weekend, so a holiday. I stop drinking coffee every couple of years. I’ll give it at least a month to clear it all out of my system before starting again. I have been drinking far more than usual lately, so I may need to quit again. Hope you are have a great weekend!

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  2. Ah, the bliss of caffiene addiction and the following withdrawal bitchies. Been there. About 13 years ago I was drinking around 15-20 pots (10 cupper) a day. I literally LIVED on coffee. I was in college carrying 24-28 credits a semester, plus working part time, and caregiving for my Granny, Mom, and Hubby. I was stressed to the limit and pulling my hair out. Did I add that I was in counseling following a near fatal car accident on top of everything else. I suffered severe migraines nearly everyday… the coffee kept them almost tolerable, or so I told myself. I tried to cold turkey when I realized that I had become ‘addicted’. I didn’t want to be the drug addict that my Mom was. No, never, not me. But I was… just that coffee was an “acceptable” drug. So, I cold turkey’ed the deal. Bad decision, ended up in ER. Old doc T just shook his head and kept uttering “my dear, my dear, what are we going to do with you?”. So we began a step down program to slowly wean my brain (which had grown to seriously needing the caffiene) off of it. I’ll tell you it took years to get back down to one cup a day. Two years ago we found out that the migraines were the result of the roots of my front teeth being in contact with a nerve or two. Bye bye went the teeth and the headaches! YEAH! It’s a new world. Sometimes I go days without coffee or tea (not much of a tea drinker). One upside is a loss of weight..yep, it’s true. I’ve lost 175 pounds in the last few years. Feel like a whole new person. Have energy, less tired, and generally healthier. And all that because my Mom started me drinking coffee when I was a toddler to control hyper activity (just being a child. But caffeine tends to calm children for some reason).

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    1. Yikes Bear. There is some kind of special gravity between you and the extreme of some things. Your coffee experience had to be a rough ride, but now that you’re okay and back with us mortals – this is one funny story.

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    2. Thank you for sharing! That was a lot of stuff to go through especially all at once. It is fascinating, in a somewhat terrifying way, what caffeine actually does in our bodies. As for caffeine and headaches I got them real bad during one of my pregnancies and a small cup of coffee was the only thing that helped them (doctor approved). I am glad you solved the migraine mystery, there are no words for how horrible those are. Thanks for stopping in and sharing a virtual cup of coffee!

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  3. Wow Shari – I can’t imagine you without coffee. Your posts have revolved around it for so long but I still can’t imagine you as a bitch. I have no experience of you in that light and the fact that you so easily turned to laugh about the casino manager event is actually some evidence to the contrary. So, in your case, I agree, nothing like a drink should have such control over us, but Bear’s experience above – now that had to be one mean ride back down the normal life.

    Can I get you a cup of one of my favorite teas. . . ?

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    1. That particular manager was a very special lady. She was this tiny iron clad lady and it was impossible not to love and accept her for exactly who she was. I am sure I was moody due to lack of sleep and lack of coffee, but there really aren’t too many people that I knew/know who would call me out on it so blatantly, haha, so there was no other choice but to laugh. It can be interesting the way we learning things about ourselves. Thanks for stopping in for a virtual cup Gary, I always look forward to your visits.


  4. Happy early birthday to you! Your house is truly beautiful, it is all in the details. What a nice dinner tradition you have, I think I am going to try it with my daughter. Eating together and communicating about things close to our heart is so important. Thank you for sharing the coffee story! I too hate being dependent on something. Every January I skip coffee for a month. I love coffee, but I feel a need to prove to myself that I can be without as well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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  5. I feel a bit better now about my over zealous appreciation for coffee! Mostly, I loved the memory your post triggered about playing “high-low” at the dinner table with our kiddos. They are all adults now so the memory is even sweeter….Thanks!

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