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April 1 starts the A-to-Z blogging challenge for 2023.

This year I decided I’m going to share alphabetical book reviews. Before becoming an Indie author, I hadn’t really been aware of the importance of reviews. As I started immersing myself in online writing webinars and conferences, the question of reviews came up a lot. One of the biggest things I learned, is that reviews encourage the algorithm to show a book to other readers who might enjoy it which makes reviews a critical element of a book’s early success! A review can be short and simple; the key is honesty. Besides driving the algorithm reviews gently grab readers’ attention and can encourage them to try reading the book themselves, as well as tell retailers that the product is worth their time. In addition, reviews can be like a virtual hug that can motivate future writing projects.

With all that in mind, I decided that A-to-Z reviews would be a great theme. Reviews will be on Independently Published books as well as Traditionally Published and a range of genres. I hope you will stop in and share your thoughts on the books you’re reading. Perhaps we can connect on Goodreads to share more book ideas and reviews: Shari Marshall.

Please feel free to leave the link to your theme reveal in the comment section below so that I can pop in for a virtual visit. Best of luck with the 2023 A-to-Z blogging challenge.

By Shari Marshall – 2023

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    1. I just started reading Stephen King’s “A Memoir of the Craft On Writing.” Have you read it? Just a few pages in he talks about an event from his childhood that prepared him for reviews (I presume he’s referring to the less than favourable ones), it made me laugh.


  1. Awesome this sounds like something I’ll be reading through out the month of April.

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