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Donut Stop Coffee

An old-fashioned donut is a cake donut prepared in a ring shape with tapered edges. Its surface is often cracked. It’s crispy on the exterior with a tender interior and a taste that isn’t very sweet. This is the inspiration for my coffee today. I’m drinking Donut Stop Coffee, the old-fashioned donut flavoured java. The… Continue reading Donut Stop Coffee

A to Z Blogging

Subject Matter

April 1 starts the A-to-Z blogging challenge for 2023. This year I decided I’m going to share alphabetical book reviews. Before becoming an Indie author, I hadn’t really been aware of the importance of reviews. As I started immersing myself in online writing webinars and conferences, the question of reviews came up a lot. One… Continue reading Subject Matter

Coffee Blog

Pie Flavoured Coffee Series: Coffee 2

My coffee flavour is Grasshopper Pie. I have no idea what Grasshopper pies is. So, as I listen to the soft gurgle and trickle of my coffee brewing I do a fast Google search. Google shows a pastel coloured no-bake mousse pie with a chocolate crumb crust. That first sip reveals none of the flavour… Continue reading Pie Flavoured Coffee Series: Coffee 2