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Donut Stop Coffee

An old-fashioned donut is a cake donut prepared in a ring shape with tapered edges. Its surface is often cracked. It’s crispy on the exterior with a tender interior and a taste that isn’t very sweet. This is the inspiration for my coffee today. I’m drinking Donut Stop Coffee, the old-fashioned donut flavoured java. The… Continue reading Donut Stop Coffee

A to Z Blogging

Subject Matter

April 1 starts the A-to-Z blogging challenge for 2023. This year I decided I’m going to share alphabetical book reviews. Before becoming an Indie author, I hadn’t really been aware of the importance of reviews. As I started immersing myself in online writing webinars and conferences, the question of reviews came up a lot. One… Continue reading Subject Matter

Coffee Blog

Another favourite place to drink my coffee

Feet up on the dashboard with my butt nestled into the passenger’s seat. The sun is low in the sky with the promise of a warm sunny day. The radio can just be heard over the sound of the tires on the pavement and the wind outside my window. The smell of strong coffee, truck… Continue reading Another favourite place to drink my coffee