Parenting & Other Life Stories

Flash Fiction from a 5 year old.

Penis Chronicles presents, “Flash Fiction from a 5 year old.” When my 5 year old tells a story I am not surprised if the word penis is involved, but I am surprised when it isn’t. For an example of one of his earlier stories check out “Um, Pardon?” Anyway, the following occurred on the drive… Continue reading Flash Fiction from a 5 year old.

Parenting & Other Life Stories

A story for Parents

The Penis Chronicles presents “A story for Parents.” This story starts like all great fairytales, with the words “once upon a time” and it goes like this: Once upon a time the children were very well behaved all the time. Parents and children lived happily ever after. The end! Well behaved all the time? Wouldn’t… Continue reading A story for Parents


Watered Down Coffee & A Manila Envelop

  It all started with a cup of coffee. It wasn’t even a good cup of coffee, but how was I supposed to know what the cup of coffee was predicting? I always expected the moment I’d be forced to shrug off my sleepy little life would happen with words whispered into my ear by… Continue reading Watered Down Coffee & A Manila Envelop