In the Sky

Do you ever stand and stare up into the skies, awed, curious, or mystified?? Do you ever wonder about fate and what the universe holds in store for you?

July 7, 2019 image
Photograph by Shari Marshall ©

It was a sight that she would never stop being awed by. It was also a sight that would conjure up memories of earth and everything that happened to send humans fleeing into the skies.

Not many others had survived the transports to the planet of the Binary Moons. When the fateful day came, even with all the warnings and predictions it wasn’t what anyone expected. There are no words to describe the devastation and she couldn’t stop struggling to understand how anybody escaped.

Saros didn’t believe survival of the fittest had anything to do with it. Saros believed it was luck that brought the survivors through. Unlike the others that had taken on the job of integrating the “issues” Saros was almost kind. She was assigned to Saros for integration. She was the only “issue” that Saros was assigned and it was an action that frequently brought whispers and smiling. It was hard to be comfortable with being a constant object of secret discussion but not as hard as being referred to as an issue. An “issue” is what the humans were called when they landed on the planet of the Binary Moons. Although from what her integration taught her it would seem that this group of humans were not the first humans to have fled to this planet. It seemed that the species that currently inhabited the planet of the Binary Moons, Saros’s species, were originally from earth from an undisclosed number of years ago. They adapted to the planet and made it their home.

They guarded that knowledge tightly and it was only by chance that Elara had learned about a previous group of humans being driven into the skies in order to survive. Elara wasn’t actually her name. She had been renamed. Now she was Elara Small Circling Moon. She knew that elara is one of the moons of Jupiter. She was given her name the day she accidently learned of those other humans that were driven into the sky. Elara assumed that Small Circling Moon had to do with the fact that she was always hovering around Saros as if pulled to him by an unseen gravitational pull.

By Shari Marshall – 2019