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The pages in the book before her were blank. The off white sheets had not even a dot or a scratch, they were just empty. The cover on the book was an ages and ornate labyrinth. The title of the books was “Enigma.”

When she picked up the book in the bookstore she had been drawn to the title and the cover. She hadn’t read the synopsis but she had flipped the pages noting the nice print inside. She bought the book without further thought. However, when she sat down to read it the several days ago the words were somehow gone! For the past week she had spent her mornings sipping coffee and puzzling over the pages.

The sudden sound of her cell phone ringing in the morning startled her and the coffee mug which was paused half way to her lips slipped. The dark liquid soaked the blank pages and before she could react a faint impression of words started to form on the page. Heedless of the hot wet liquid she began flipping the pages and every wet page now displayed words.

She began to read, “If we were having coffee…”

If we were having coffee I would explain that July’s theme is flash fiction and I would invite you to pop in whenever you have a spare minute to read a new piece every day. I would also invite you to post a link to your own flash fiction post in the comments sections. There are also a couple photo prompts this month that I would love you to participate with.

If we were having coffee I would tell you my post a day challenge for 2019 is going okay. There are 178 days left of 2019 and I have blogged ahead a bit so I only have about 60 more posts to create. Not bad. I am also starting to consider what 2020 is going to bring for Writing is Communication. I am going to go back to my post a week schedule with the occasional extra post here and there. I am thinking that a year of photo prompts might be fun. I like taking picture, I like writing and I love it when others join in so it might be a good fit. Thoughts?

If we were having coffee I would ask you how your week was?

By Shari Marshall – 2019

6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Coffee

  1. “Shari – you make it look so easy,” he said as he settled into the overstuffed chair across the table and set his tea cup on the small dish.

    “I may just take a swing at this challenge with you. Who’s with us?” he said to the others gathered and took a small sip. “Eww! Ugh, excuse that. My tea is really bitter. What did Tamara put in my tea?”

    He made a final pinched-expression and looked into the mug. “I don’t think this is tea,” and he swung the cup towards the nearest wall, spraying the contents wildly – which immediately hit and, “Oh my. . .” melted the image of the wall as a sheer nylon screen might melt away from acid. Behind it was something different, even impossible. Green lush trees, back lit by an unseen bright sun and a trail weaving down to a barely visible ocean shore.

    As they watched, the contents of the cup ran down towards the floor, leaving strings of untouched wall image and a large bright hole with fresh ocean scented air coming through.

    “Wow! Okay then. This looks like an unexpected side trip today. I repeat, who’s with us?”

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  2. Hi Shari,
    Thanks very much for the coffee. That black page could very well have been my book writing efforts this week. Not much ink on the pages this week.
    Your flash fiction piece was well done. I enjoyed it.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Best wishes,

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