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Flash Fiction from a 5 year old.

July 10 2019 image

Penis Chronicles presents, “Flash Fiction from a 5 year old.”

When my 5 year old tells a story I am not surprised if the word penis is involved, but I am surprised when it isn’t. For an example of one of his earlier stories check out “Um, Pardon?” Anyway, the following occurred on the drive home from daycare just after establishing that my 5 year old’s best friend wasn’t at daycare.

5 year old: Mom I feel so bad for my friend J.
Me: Oh, why?
5 year old: Well, he had to get a needle in his penis…
Me: I interrupt. He had to get a needle in his penis!? This is me using my best good grief what kind of story is this voice. Are you telling a fib?
5 year old: Nope.
Me: Are you telling a story?
5 year old: Oblivious he continues, J had to get a needle in his penis cause he bonked into someone.
Me: With his penis!?
5 year old: Yeap. End of story and he topic changes to the Tim Bits that he got at daycare and wants to share with his brother. I embrace the change after a brief headshake.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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