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The Penis Chronicles presents, “Merry-go-round” One of my favourite summer activities growing up was having a campfire with ghost stories. I liked listening but more often than not I was the storyteller and I loved getting my younger cousins scared out of their minds. Anyway, camping in August this year I said to my boys… Continue reading Merry-go-round

Parenting & Other Life Stories

“Um, Pardon?”and story rules

The Penis Chronicles present “Um, Pardon?” and story rules One of the things that my boys and I enjoy doing together is telling stories. It was something my older boy and I started doing a few years ago based off the pictures in a search and find book (Hungry Daddy Story). It spiraled from there… Continue reading “Um, Pardon?”and story rules

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Flash Fiction from a 5 year old.

Penis Chronicles presents, “Flash Fiction from a 5 year old.” When my 5 year old tells a story I am not surprised if the word penis is involved, but I am surprised when it isn’t. For an example of one of his earlier stories check out “Um, Pardon?” Anyway, the following occurred on the drive… Continue reading Flash Fiction from a 5 year old.

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Twilight Walkers

My bedroom is shrouded in twilight. The sounds of tiny feet shuffling on the carpet breaches the silence. I pretend to get a few more minutes of sleep. The bed rustles and tiny bodies slide against my sides still warm from their own sleeps. I sigh inwardly wondering when their internal alarms will stop sounding… Continue reading Twilight Walkers


Revelations Surrounding American Sign Language Storytelling (Guest Post)

Today’s post is written by a friend that I have known since grade school, Nicole Pitt. Nicole is an American Sign Language Instructor with approximately 17 years’ experience in the field. She started signing at 14. Nicole is fluent in American Sign Language, Two Hand Manual, and Signed Exact English. Note on Feature Image: The… Continue reading Revelations Surrounding American Sign Language Storytelling (Guest Post)