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Weekly Smile – Pictures & Memories

Some of you many know that my mother passed away in the summer. I know, its weekly smile, and so please let me explain. My older son asked for a picture of grandma to put in his room so I dragged out the thumb drives to find one for him. The picture I found is… Continue reading Weekly Smile – Pictures & Memories


The Weekly Smile – Ecstatically Happy

First smile is for a thanks to Trent for creating “The Weekly Smile.” Second is my smile share. I have been working on a particularly challenging puzzle. The puzzle is challenging because of the colour scheme and my progression has been slow. I am close but the last section is so close in colour and… Continue reading The Weekly Smile – Ecstatically Happy

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Weekly Smile: Just Socks

So it is cold, and the ground is covered in snow and ice. Its early in the morning, the school bell is seconds away from ringing the children into their classrooms. I am walking out the end of the school that houses the daycare. I am sliding my feet back into my boots and putting… Continue reading Weekly Smile: Just Socks