The Weekly Smile – Ecstatically Happy

First smile is for a thanks to Trent for creating “The Weekly Smile.”

Second is my smile share.

I have been working on a particularly challenging puzzle. The puzzle is challenging because of the colour scheme and my progression has been slow. I am close but the last section is so close in colour and shape. Anyway, I often ask if anyone wants to help me puzzle. The typical answer is some version of no thanks.

My older son took an interest to come and help without me extending the invitation so that made me smile. However, it got better as he realize that my struggle with completing this puzzle was real. He started becoming more and more elated with every successful piece that he solved. A few times he actually whooped. As we working alongside each other he said to me, “this is addictive.”

We were a bit behind getting up to bed because neither of us wanted to stop fitting pieces together when we were so close to the end. Anyway, I left the puzzle board on the table and found him sitting in front of it in the morning detailing his plan of attack and calling out excitement when a piece fit into place!

Haha! That is my weekly smile.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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