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Weekly Smile: Just Socks

So it is cold, and the ground is covered in snow and ice. Its early in the morning, the school bell is seconds away from ringing the children into their classrooms. I am walking out the end of the school that houses the daycare. I am sliding my feet back into my boots and putting my gloves on when one of the teacher’s aides comes in the door with her own child who is maybe 9 or 10 years old.

She has that look of a mother who is slightly exasperated and extremely bewildered (a look and feeling I know well). The reason for this mother’s morning perplexing is focused on her child’s feet. The child had put on hat, coat, and mittens. The child had then entered the garage to get into the car so they could drive to school and work together. They arrive at school just like any other morning, except today the child didn’t wear anything other than sock on its feet! It’s about minus 15 so not as bad as the minus 30 weather we were having, but seriously just socks.

This not only made me smile, but I full out laughed and continued to chuckle all the way to work. It is something I could totally see happening in my own parenting sphere, a world of forgotten glasses, mismatched socks, backwards clothing, missing underwear and millions of other “are you kidding me” moments. Anyway, it made me laugh then and it has brought a smile to face every time I have recounted the incident to someone or just remembered it for some off the wall reason.

Just socks!

By Shari Marshall – 2017

Note: This post was created in response to the Weekly Smile.

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