Something desired, but failed to attain: Poetic Trilogy



Haunting me – your eyes, your smile burnt behind my eyelids with a whisper of you soft against my earlobe. You’ve progressed in your actions, no more hiding behind smiles. You linger in the moments, and hold me with you. Our blatant actions are leading.

Passion mounts behind the games you play as you mold images of your body and mine in a stolen moment. Suggestive words and dirty thoughts you let them linger, teasing with a promise you are too afraid to keep. I play into it, subject to your rules. Hoping, in a state of ecstasy, you’ll let us be spirited under. We can pay for our sins later.

The tan lines on your finger aren’t silent, and my skin carries your scent – bodies whisper.

Tonight I’m lost without you, a saddened and old cliché. Your absence hasn’t been a long one, but enough for a slight regaining of consciousness. And so we become something lost along the perimeter, a shape, only a shadow longing solid form. Something lost to the night from lifetimes ago, distant and unappeasing.


Slithering silently it invades body and mind. Love, virus-like, possesses. Blazing eyes, alight to Venus, reach down to hinder progress. At last I can do no more, sweet laughter

Grains of Sand Lost to the Wind

Years have passed now, but your hands linger.

Read the obituaries today; I know you found solace once in her embrace. I relish that, sorry for your loss.


We loved though, and in the quiet moments we cried each for our own reasons.

I imagine your tears now beside an empty pillow.

Years ago, after I lost him so young, your voice in the night sorry to wake me. Now, just as then, I wish I could hold you.

Even as memory fails, our love remains ageless.

By Shari Marshall – 2017


Adult colour pages from DawnMcTaigue.com, coloured by me. (google search for adult colouring pages)