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Deleted Scene

It has now been three months since The Ember Stone launched. Many of you have been along for the journey with me since I started writing The Ember Stone in January 2021, that first post can be found: here. Thank you for all the support. Today I thought I would share a short deleted scene with you.

As I step down off the porch stair, I can hear the distant sound like a series of objects hitting against each other. I move around the back of the house and toward the far side. As I turn the corner there is a series of whishing noises and by instinct I hit the ground and cover my head. A series of bangs follow and then silence. I lift my head slowly and peer down the side of the house to see Fin, Alaric, and Noah standing there staring at me, as if I shocked them.

“Blazing hell?” I say as I clamber to my feet and brush bits of grass from the front of my clothing. Fin’s hands are behind her back and she looks slightly guilty. “Did you throw something at me?”

Alaric clears his throat. Noah ducks his head, and Fin shakes her arms slightly before bringing them out from behind her back.

“Well, what did you throw because I can see it wasn’t your shoe?” I say with a smirk.

­­­­The Ember Stone is set in the fall and with the first official day of fall happening in a couple weeks this might be a good time to grab your copy from one of the links below.

By Shari Marshall – 2022

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