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Leafy Shadows with my coffee…

The noise of my coffee brewing in the camper is a distinct sound from it brewing in the house. The whole coffee experience is different in the camper. I brew my coffee when we camp in an old one cup coffee drip. Sounds of coffee brewing is a rolling over of bubbling hot water, rhythmic and inviting. The coffee tastes a bit diluted no matter what I do. The bitterness is present, but the full punch isn’t. At some point I am going to need to upgrade to a one cup Keurig. For now, the coffee is just part of the camping experience. The chirping of birds as they flit from treetop to treetop accompany coffee sipping. The sun filters through those same treetops casting leafy shadows.

So here we are in September! If we were having coffee, I would ask how your August was? Mine was fast and busy. We flew to Nova Scotia to visit with family. It was our first time in that province and it was the first time at my brother-in-law’s cottage. We had glorious weather and a lovely visit.

If we were having coffee, I am sure you would notice that I am posting a day earlier then I typically would. And as some of you may have notice, I was absent from our August virtual coffee dates. I did however try to do some writing. Here is what I can say about it. Writing on the plane is not my thing. The noise, that constant plane friction against the air currents, numbed my creative flow like I was watching the static on a television set when broadcasting stopped after hours. Then, of course, you have dings for seatbelts, babies sharing their frustration over sore ears, constant foot traffic in the isles, and a million other things assaulting the senses. So, mostly I enjoyed a brief writing break. It was a gap to rest/restore the creative tank.

If we were having coffee, I would share that I locked down a title for book 2 of The Ember Files. Sorry, I’m not sharing today, but there will be more on it soon. I finished my first round of edits on book 2. And I also have a working title for a side story to The Ember Files which I started writing towards the end of August.

If we were having coffee, I would ask you how your week was and apologize because I won’t be in to visit your coffee share until Monday sometime. Please leave the link in the comments below so I can visit directly. Have a great weekend.

By Shari Marshall – 2022

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16 thoughts on “Leafy Shadows with my coffee…

  1. Despite the air travel, I am sure visiting Nova Scotia was great! I know visiting Ancient Scotia was 😉 lol. I use noise cancelling headphones on an airplane – makes it a little better – but I still can’t concentrate. I can’t read, write or even think.
    I hope your camping is going well. Getting out and about is always fun. And surrounded by nature… yes!
    Despite the forced writer’s break, glad you have some progress, if only the title.
    Have a great weekend and wonderful week ahead!

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  2. I don’t fly, but I have purposely taken the train for a long ride, partly so I could have a buffer between my real/professional life at home and my visit with my daughter’s family. But also I have found that I can write on a train. Next time though, I think I will spring for a cabin, even if it is small, just for the privacy. Happy writing, Michele

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  3. Sounds like an amazing trip! Glad you had a nice visit with family and good weather. We are camping now, too, as I type this, and we also traded the mini-Keurig for the Mr. Coffee. I knew what time it was (7am) when I heard the coffee start to drip.. I LOVE the above photo with your coffee, phone and fire!!

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