2021 Goal

This year I am going to write a book. So, as I progress in this journey I hope to create posts that reflect on that in some way. I started research for this project over 2 years ago and just stopped for months and months. I just couldn’t get focused. I am hoping that blogging about it will keep me focused. So, January is “GO” month. My goal for January is to create some of the foundation for my jumping off point.

I have discovered that my writing methods are not linear or traditional. As I mentioned, I had started this project before but my efforts ground to a halt. I was trying to do a timeline, research, and character prep but no actual writing. I think that, at least at the beginnging, I do better working on what is in my head and smoothing it out and tying it together later.

How about you, do you have a set writing process?

By Shari Marshall – 2021

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  1. I often write even long stories in my head before I start to write. As to my three full length books (third out soon, I hope), I found that it was best to just sit down and write. The rough draft needs to come out, even if it is terrible. After sitting for a while, I will revisit and rewrite. All of the formal time-line and such happens then. I call the product of that effort the first draft. Anyway, however you chose to do it, good luck!

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    1. Third book out soon! That’s exciting. Congrats!

      I find a lot of it plays out in my head as well. Sometimes I struggle with the getting it from the my head to paper part, but I think that if I just sit and write as you suggest and tidy it up later that might help. Thanks for sharing your approach Trent.

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  2. I wish I had a formula that worked, but until I have a published (by any means) book, I feel I only have bits and pieces of the puzzle in hand. I do know that I write best with a few threads of thought in mind that somehow weave together around just a few characters. I need also to know what about these threads will make an interesting hook, early enough to keep a readers attention. I need to find something about the story that makes it worth telling and I need to have some idea of how the threads all work out. Somehow, this gives me enough to build a mental outline of where to start and how to progress. Somewhere along the line, my characters take over and from then on, we wrestle with me trying to keep them pointed at the finish line and they, well, they seem to develop their own opinion of why we’re all together which often means we argue and laugh, I threaten and they get all passive resistive on me. They celebrate derailing me and I punish them by denying them words or putting them at risk, while they know I’m too much of a softy to really hurt them. This all can be exhausting but red wine helps. . .
    What was the question again please . . .?

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    1. Haha, yes I have had a few characters that really did seem to take on a whole life of their own separate from where I had originally wanted them to go. Sometimes I have found it helpful and other times it is so maddening that I wonder what I was thinking about in the first place. Haha, writing is the greatest adventure! Thanks for stopping in Gary and thank you for the laugh. Red wine, haha, I think I will need a glass tonight (I have a night of writing scheduled after the boys are asleep).

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