The Question: To Share or Not to Share?

This year I am writing a novel. One question that I have asked myself a few times since I started this writing journey is whether I should share as I am writing or wait till it is all finished? From this question I also ask myself, if I share who do I share it with?… Continue reading The Question: To Share or Not to Share?

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Growing a Baby – Journey of a Mother

The Penis Chronicles presents “Growing a Baby – Journey of a Mother”   The bright florescent lighting in the main bath barely casts any light into the aged and worn shower stall. The dimness is intensified by the faded grey tile displaying calcium build-ups like a medal of honour. The water just won’t reach the… Continue reading Growing a Baby – Journey of a Mother


Don’t ignore that cold warning tingle.

Cindy lived alone. Cindy entered her darkened house. She was tired after a long day. Without turning on a light she locked the door behind her and walked the ten familiar steps into her kitchen and flicked the light on her microwave on casting a soft glow into the room around her. A door closed… Continue reading Don’t ignore that cold warning tingle.

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Slow Motion Terror

The Penis Chronicles presents, “Slow Motion Terror.“ A bike out of control. The training wheels inhibit the fall over maneuver. Instead he careens toward the steep drop. The rider is frantic. Fear is in the air. Closer, closer: no stopping. I’m too far back to have a successful reaction. It’s happening to fast; I’m seeing… Continue reading Slow Motion Terror