Don’t ignore that cold warning tingle.

May 27 2019 moonCindy lived alone.

Cindy entered her darkened house. She was tired after a long day. Without turning on a light she locked the door behind her and walked the ten familiar steps into her kitchen and flicked the light on her microwave on casting a soft glow into the room around her.

A door closed on the upper level of her house. She froze, waiting, and another faint sound filled her ears. A door slowly creaked open. All the hair rose up in her head and arms causing that cold warning tingle to ripple over her body.

Bracing herself for the unknown she slowly started to move forward throwing lights on in front of her. Eyes wide, body tense, she moved up the stairs. The eerie silence now heightened her sense of fear. The hallway was empty; all the doors stood open. She move mechanically from room to room clearing closets, dark corners, under the beds and behind the curtains. She found nothing and nobody.

Cindy’s body remained on high alert as she went from room to room one more time. She then did the same thing on the first floor of her house and then forced herself to do it in the basement as well. Something still felt wrong but she couldn’t explain it. Unsettled she slipped into her bedroom turning the lights off behind her so that when she shut her bedroom door the rest of the house laid in darkness. Cindy felt a bit silly as she went about her nightly routine of washing up in her master bathroom. Had she really just prowled through her house from room to room in an attempt to ensure her own safety and peace of mind because she thought she heard a door close in an empty house? What next, she thought?

Still a bit reluctant she turned out her light casting her bedroom into darkness. She slid slowly under the blankets trying to make as little nose as possible. Her eyes searched the May 27, 2019 darknessdarkness inside her locked bedroom wondering if the shadows were moving. A bang startled the night. It sounded as if it came from somewhere inside her house. Her breath caught. She froze straining her ears.


Her door remained closed and unaccosted.

Cindy spent the night tossing and turning: restless. When morning dawned she rose unrested and prepared for her day. Cautiously she opened her bedroom door feeling mildly ridiculous for continuing the charade. She started down the stairs and a cry Secret Life FEB 19 2019 imageescaped her.

Her front door, clearly unlocked from the inside, stood wide open!

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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