They Mystery of the Haunted House – Guest Post by a 9 year old

The Penis Chronicles presents, “They Mystery of the Haunted House.” (Guest Post)

The following post was written by a 9 year old boy with a creative imagination who has enjoyed the story writing activities presented to him at school.

They Mystery of the Haunted House

Once upon a time there was a mystery crew and they solved a bunch of mysteries. However, there was one mystery that was the hardest for them to solve. When they heard about the haunted house they got into the mystery machine and drove and drove until the gas ran out. They got out of the mystery machine and walked the rest on the way to the house. They were hungry and thirsty when they finally opened the front door. They walked inside and the door slammed shut behind them as the chandelier crashed to the ground in front of them. Scared they ran through the house and tried to get out the back door. It wouldn’t open. They ran back to the front to try that one again but it wouldn’t open either.

Trapped they looked around and saw a graveyard out the window. Somehow they knew they had to get out of there so they climbed out the window. The searched through the tombstones reading every one until they found what they were looking for. The name “Old Man Jenkins” stood out because he was the owner of the house. Clearly he was the ghost haunting the house.

The crew returned to the house and began looking for clues. The crew found glass, skeletons and zombies as well as other scary things. Frightened they tried to get out the front door again but it was blocked. They ran up the stairs and hid in the closet. After a while they came out of the closet and the house was silent. Before they could leave the room the air filled with green dust. They ran, but before the last of them got out of the room the green dust started to control her. She chased the others and shot green dust at them from her mouth and nose. She caught everyone except the dog and one boy.

Everyone was running in circles and becoming dizzy. The boy and the dog ran down the stairs and hid in kitchen by the fridge. They were too busy eating snacks to notice the green dust heading in their direction. Something tackled the dog so the dust could take control of him. They never got out of the house. Five years later their bodies were discovered in the house.

The end.

By Ace – 2019

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