Evaluation of Quality

This year I have been writing a novel.

Response, Reaction, Critique, Observation, Rating…

Well, it is almost time! In just a few short days I am going to let the first person have a true and full look at The Nameless Files. I am nervous and excited.

I confess that my first reader is going to be my husband. I am hoping that he enjoys the read but I am also hoping that his fresh look at it will provide some good first feedback for me. I am not quite finished writing. The last few concluding chapters hang in the balance but we think that by the time he catches up to where I am writing now I will be either 100% done or close.

After his read it will be my turn to read The Nameless Files from start to finish and then I will be looking for a couple beta readers. After that I will probably read it again and then I will see if it is ready for the next big step!

By Shari Marshall – 2021

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