Where the words live

This year I have been writing a novel.

There are about 2 ½ months left on my projected timeline. Wow! Where has the year gone? Where am I at with my novel?

This summer I became the owner of some silverware sets. The sets came in nice old wood boxes. One of the sets was silver plated and had a fun but no to fancy pattern on it so I decided to blend it in with my regular set of cutlery to help my contact dirty spoon and fork battle. You know the battle; you need a spoon or a fork but when you go to the drawer there are no clean ones to be found. Problem solved.  So, where am I going with this little conversation on cutlery and what does it have to do with my novel?

The box that houses the silverware just so happened to be a perfect size to house the paper copy of my novel when I start the editing process. Project time! I pulled out the sander, stain, white wash and clear coat paint. I pulled out the scrap material from one of my dollhouse projects to create a fun pattern inside of the box and some shelf liner.

I have asked my son to create a graffiti word for the top of the box. However, I can’t decide on a word: write, writer, Writing Sparkle, writing, manuscript, word, world…. Any good writing words come to mind?

So, that is where I am at. I am still writing; the novel isn’t finished but I am creating an editing resting place for it. Where do you keep your writing?

By Shari Marshall – 2021

6 thoughts on “Where the words live

  1. Maybe “Words in Progress”, a play on “Work in Progress”. “Write Me”, like Alice in Wonderland…or Word Magic, Pen to Paper. I like Writing Sparkle too!

    I keep my writing online, which is interesting because when I’m reading people’s manuscripts I always print them off, but I don’t with my own. Maybe I should start!

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