Photo Prompt #43: When years pass by

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When years pass by

The little fingers stopped at the half way point to their goal. They hung there in midair as the chubby little face turned toward the gently chastising voice of mommy, “we don’t touch the tree or the things on the tree princess.” The big brown eyes turned back to the tree and a small frown played at the corners of her mouth. Her hand dropped back to her side as she watched the lights cast smalls spaces of the tree into darkness before the white, red, green, blue and gold danced across the branches again is a repeating pattern.

The tree is forgotten for a time. The girl moves through her activities and soon she is covered to the elbow in paint and sparkles. She isn’t consciously aware of what draws her attention back to the Christmas tree. Silent as a mouse she crosses the room and reaches out with curious fingers and grasps the first glass ornament she comes too. Satisfied she returns to her craft.

It isn’t till hours later after the little girl has gone to bed that mommy sees something strange on the ornament. She approaches and bends toward the branches. She can’t be upset as she removes the bulb from the tree and sees the tiniest handprint coating the shimmering ornament. She places it back in the branches happy to keep it as a memory as the years pass by.

By Shari Marshall – 2019

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