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Coffee asks, Mint Chocolate & Christmas?

There is a faint minty smell hiding under the regular odour of coffee. That same minty smell can be found in each sip paired with the bitter roasted woodsy note of chocolate. The blends of flavour linger on the tongue long after the warm brew has made its way from tongue to tummy. Mmmm, mint chocolate chip flavoured coffee! If we were having coffee I would pose the question, does mint chocolate remind you of Christmas? It makes me think of After Eights which my grandmother always had in the house at Christmas time.

If we were having coffee I would share that I have decided on my writing topic for 2021 here at Brew Coffee, Twisting Words & Breaking Pencils. I am going to write a novel in 2021 and my posts for the year will be around that project and my progress. I hope you will come along for the journey. Oh, and watch for this image:

It is going to be my 2021 Coffee Share Feature Image.

If we were having coffee I would ask you if you can help clarify something for me. I have been thinking about upgrading my plan to a paid plan with my own domain. I am nervous to do it because I am not sure about a couple things. First is shows my domain is available with .ca but the wordpress page says something about not being able to transfer .ca domains. Does that just mean if I had a .ca domain outside of WordPress instead of creating inside WordPress? Second, with the creation of a domain what happens to my content? Is it complicated to make them all line up?

If we were having coffee we did some more baking this week. We made date squares for the first time. They were very tasty. I really like how soft the square is. The hiccup we had was that I have never worked with dates before and I thought of them like a big raison so I didn’t realize they had a pit in them until we had them boiling down in the pot. So, it was a bit warm getting those seeds out. I did and there were none in the squares but I wish that the recipe had of indicated that the pits need to be removed. We used the extra dates to make a cookie.

Since baking seems to be contagious my husband decided to try his hand at a new recipe. He made us gluten-free funnel cakes! Delicious. We like to watch the TV show “Carnival Eat” and I think that inspired my husband for his baking choice. No complaints. I hadn’t had a funnel cake in years and my boys had never had one before.

Are doing any baking this holiday season?

December 1, 2020

If we were having coffee I would introduce you to Jingles Marshmallow the Scout Elf. He came to live with us on December 1, 2020. This is our first year with an Elf on the Shelf. I am not sure why on December 1 I had an urge to race out and bring this little elf home but I did and the best prize was how absolutely excited the children were to discover Jingles Marshmallow quarantining in our cookie jar! Since then he has got himself stuck in a present, made his own clothing with the sew machine, made cupcakes and rolled himself down the stairs in toilet paper. Do you have an Elf on the Shelf?

December 2, 2020

Your turn, here is the coffee pot.

By Shari Marshall – 2020

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10 thoughts on “Coffee asks, Mint Chocolate & Christmas?

  1. Ha – fun stuff Shari. You gave us a list to volley with so here goes.

    I too have struggled with the free vs. paid WP site, but had not considered your questions and don’t pretend to know the answers but I do know this. We can export out our full blog contents to a file on our own computer. From that file, we can import it to a new WP blog site/domain as we see fit. I think this step answers part of your question. Next, if you go to the WP Plans page, there’s a question mark DOT in the lower right and I’ll bet there is a sales associate behind that dot charged with helping us with questions like this, but in you place, I would (and I have) gone to a known expert in our midst. Beaton is a tad on the wild side, but is very experienced and knowledgeable about how WP works. He may know the answer off the top of his head. He lives to blog and seems limited only by the availability of his wifi because Zimbabwe is Zimbabwe so often which leaves him without power or DSL.

    I shared your date baking adventure with my wife an we both got a good laugh from it. Our herd has not proved to be as interested in cooking or baking, but we have a few good memories. Last year a dear friend passed away who pranked me in high school with a date. You might get a kick out of it I captured and shared it with many who also knew her.

    We don’t do elves, shelved or otherwise but I love the photo and idea of this guy quarantined in the cookie jar. PRICELESS ! !

    One of these days you’re going to have to share more info on: (1) Your history and status with the RCMP and (2) just what happened with you quitting coffee.

    Unsatisfied curiosity can be a dangerous thing to a bunch of writers you know. We’ll make up our own answers if you force us into that corner. . . 🙂

    Thanks for the visit.

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    1. My younger son likes the mischief that the elf gets up to. It has been fun. Did I mention that the elf made cupcakes for the boys to find in the morning. Which brings me to the cooking/baking. My younger son has decided that he would like to be a Chef and own his own store one day so…

      As for the RCMP, I am a subject matter resource on spousal violence. It has been a passion of mine for years. And coffee, I am not quitting coffee?

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  2. Love your coffee share and what a great idea to have a symbol photo for it, so fun! And the coffee shares do help with ruminating so many ideas whether it be writing ideas or other! I have a friend doing elf on a shelf, she shares photos on social media. I didn’t realize this is a thing, but I don’t have young children at home any more – I guess I can entertain us adults! 🤣

    I decided to pay for my WP a few years ago and I’ve been thinking of not renewing it this year, well, maybe I will. I wanted to share videos and I thought I had to pay to do this which I can do now. I can’t answer your questions as I’m not tech savvy but it was super easy to upgrade. All my content remained the same and untouched. I had to choose something that wasn’t taken so I’m using .blog

    Anyways, I like how my blog looks (I hope others like it too) no ads, I believe since I pay. Interesting topic and I need simple and easy. So far I’m not disappointed. Even the block editor that others complain about hasn’t been hard to use for my posts. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! ❤️

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    1. I didn’t realize the elf thing was going on till a year or 2 ago when my older son had one creating mischief in her classroom. They have been hoping an elf would show up in our house since so this holiday season…

      Thank you for sharing you upgrading experiences with me. The information is very helpful. I think your blog looks great!

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  3. I’ve been paying for the WP premium, and satisfied that the ads do not pop up and the choices in themes etc. The Block editor is a earning curve, it doesn’t do exactly what I want it to do, but I have to keep trying.

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  4. I’ve been paying for WordPress for years. I used to run my own, but I got tired of it getting hacked once every few months, so I decided to pay to make it Somebody Else’s Problem™. That being said, I’m pretty good with the domain stuff and would be happy to let you pick my brain if you like. For the questions you posed so far:

    • Yes, if you get your .ca domain elsewhere, it’s easy to make it work with WordPress; you do not have to transfer a domain into WordPress completely to make that work.
    • My WordPress is actually, but I’ve got pointed to it because it’s super easy to do.
    • I mostly went to a paid account because I wanted some features that don’t come with a free account, but last time I checked, you could pay for just-the-domain-mapping and leave the rest alone- there’s more than one level of doing this. 😀

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