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Coffee asks, Mint Chocolate & Christmas?

There is a faint minty smell hiding under the regular odour of coffee. That same minty smell can be found in each sip paired with the bitter roasted woodsy note of chocolate. The blends of flavour linger on the tongue long after the warm brew has made its way from tongue to tummy. Mmmm, mint… Continue reading Coffee asks, Mint Chocolate & Christmas?

Coffee Blog

Weekend Coffee Share at the end of November

If we were having coffee I would tell you this month, particularly the last couple weeks, have been a blur. First, we signed the boys up for skating and karate and we are out at activities 5 nights a week. Second, I have been the boss at work for the last couple weeks while my… Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share at the end of November

Parenting & Other Life Stories

Ornamental Snacks

The polyvinyl chloride branches on the tree had been molded into shape. The multi-coloured lights blinked brightly casting shadows of red, green, blue and yellow on the sparkling silver garland. The boys had done a great job hanging the Disney ornaments, cherry flavoured candy canes, homemade beaded candy canes, and salt dough ornaments on the… Continue reading Ornamental Snacks


Splashes of Red & Green

What better to do on a snowy day then make Christmas cupcakes? Gluten-free chocolate cake mix and white icing. I was attempting to ice the cupcakes so it looked like mounds of snow, but my son thinks it looks more like Christmas trees. Your thoughts? Next I used the edible blood recipe that I used… Continue reading Splashes of Red & Green