Splashes of Red & Green

What better to do on a snowy day then make Christmas cupcakes?

Gluten-free chocolate cake mix and white icing. I was attempting to ice the cupcakes so it looked like mounds of snow, but my son thinks it looks more like Christmas trees. Your thoughts?

Next I used the edible blood recipe that I used in my Halloween Baking with Boys post. Red and green this time for the holiday season. The red is a bit different then the blood red from last time.


The final product. Have you started holiday baking yet?

By Shari Marshall – 2017

5 thoughts on “Splashes of Red & Green

  1. Yes, Grama Shirley sees Xmas tree too, and makes me think of soft ice cream from Dairy Queen.


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  2. I’m itching to do some Christmas baking, but I’m having trouble finding the time… I have a three month old baby, so Christmas is a little busier this year! Can’t wait until he’s old enough to make Christmas cupcakes with me.

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    1. A 3 month old certainly will make it a busy Christmas, but a very special one too! Christmas baby cuddles are the best. Next year though you might be able to let the little one run wild with an attempt to ice a first cupcake.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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