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Coffee in the pre-Christmas build up

The smell of sweet spices rises from my mug: ginger, cinnamon, allspice and cloves. A true gingerbread smell captured in a hot cup of coffee! That honey and molasses odour conjures up warm and cozy holiday feelings. My first sip of Brooklyn Bean Roastery Gingerbread Man brown sugar ginger coffee is no let down. Those… Continue reading Coffee in the pre-Christmas build up

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Instant Coffee for Weekend Coffee Share

The grains on my spoon are miniscule like powdery sand. The grains are a mix of tan, cream and a deep brown. I take pleasure watching the small compact particles pour slowly from the spoon to fall into the bottom of mug. The transformation in the grains once the boiling water hits them is magical.… Continue reading Instant Coffee for Weekend Coffee Share


Photo Prompt #43: When years pass by

Use this image as a prompt to create a post and reference back here. You can come back and share by posting your link in the comment section below. That’s it! Can’t wait to view your posts… I choose to go with a 100 word post, but you by no means have to. When years… Continue reading Photo Prompt #43: When years pass by

Parenting & Other Life Stories

A Christmas Shade

I associate fruit cake as a grandparent Christmas Tradition. Dad and I always celebrated the holidays with his parents. Looking back on it I see that there were a few things that I took for granted like that Christmas fruit cake grandparents love so much. Even now, when fruit cake isn’t something that makes it… Continue reading A Christmas Shade

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Coffee, Cocoa & Melting Snowmen

That scent of coffee is mixed with a cocoa smell this morning. It is the perfect time of year to mix a little hot chocolate into the coffee. It isn’t anything to fancy; there is no whip cream or chocolate drizzle and there is no chocolate sprinkles either. It is just a nice simple flavour… Continue reading Coffee, Cocoa & Melting Snowmen