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Instant Coffee for Weekend Coffee Share

The grains on my spoon are miniscule like powdery sand. The grains are a mix of tan, cream and a deep brown. I take pleasure watching the small compact particles pour slowly from the spoon to fall into the bottom of mug. The transformation in the grains once the boiling water hits them is magical. As the mug fills, the hot liquids becomes a warm tan colour with hints of frothy bubbles. I am excited for that first taste. I usually only treat myself to this instant coffee beverage mix during the Christmas season. My Maxwell House Café French vanilla is a creamy sweet coffee flavour and it was well worth the wait!

The backdrop for our Santa photograph this year, 2020.

If we were having coffee I would start our conversation with happy holiday wishes! I hope it was lovely. Ours was fun and the kids were entertaining.

If we were having coffee I would share with you that I was successful in completing my 2000 piece General Store puzzle before December 24th and had it cleaned up off the table. Something about this puzzle drew my husband in and he was very active in helping me finish it. It was such a challenging puzzle that he was insistent that we leave it completed on the table for a couple days to enjoy. I have a second 2000 piece puzzle for some time in January. I was looking for a puzzle board for it but I can’t seem to find anything for that size puzzle except the roll up mat so it will go on the coffee table again.

Eurographics “The General Store”

If we were having coffee I would share a couple pictures with you of some of the last antics from Jingle Marshmallow.

If were having coffee I would also share with you that my older son had a bit of a terrifying accident a few days before Christmas. We flooded a skate rink in the backyard. The boys were out skating and trying to shoot the hockey puck around. I heard the commotion. I didn’t see it happen. Anyway, the long and short is that he managed to slice his own wrist open with his own skate which was on his foot! It was a gash that was an inch wide and about 4 to 5 inches long. Stitches required. He is doing good and healing up. I on the other hand am sure this parental experience peeled away a few years off my life. Good grief it was terrifying. Thankfully, no tendon damage or anything like that and it certainly didn’t slow him down Christmas day.

If we were having coffee I would wish you happy holidays. I will see you in 2021 for a virtual cup of coffee. 2021 will see me having a few less virtual coffees I think. My goal will be to stop in once or twice a month and I will be using this image as my feature Coffee Share image in 2021.

If we were having coffee it would be time for me to pass you the coffee pot.

By Shari Marshall­ – 2020

Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Eclectic Alli. I hope you have a chance to join us for a virtual cup: 

16 thoughts on “Instant Coffee for Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Glad you finished your puzzle on time. Your family should have never doubted 😉 Yikes! that accident your son had does sound pretty scary. Glad a few stitches and he was fine (what male child has ever grown up without a few stitches here and there?). Have a wonderful week and, if I don’t “see” you, a Happy New year!

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  2. First, healing prayers for your son. Second, prayers for you, too. Must have been harrowing, indeed. What a lovely puzzle. I had and incident…well, two, really. The recliner went sideways and destroyed itself, and while kneading bread, the kitchen table collapsed. Both were really old…but that’s how my Christmas afternoon went. We’re now using wicker porch chairs in the living room, and I’m toying with moving a folding table from the office downstairs to the kitchen…then again, we never eat there so it would be pointless. I’m with you, that I’m soooo ready for 2020 to be done!

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    1. Sorry to hear about the chair and table. It made me think of an incident we had years and years ago. My best friend was over for dinner and we were meeting her boyfriend for the first time I think. We set dinner on the table and my husband sat down. There was aloud series of bangs and my husband disappeared. The chair he was sitting on (old chair) gave way under him and he went down and under the table. It wasn’t funny but my goodness it was… Anyway, thanks for stopping in and Happy New Year to you.

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      1. YEah, it was like that! In the process i lost my Ghinger scissors (very expensive as in almost $100 … The kind you buy once in a lifetime. We looked the house over. I went nuts! This morning, with the sun, Hubby did some dumpster diving and Wahlaa! my scissors had wedged in the chair base. Oh,my, was I so very happy to get them back. As for the table, we just pulled the one from the back patio inside.

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  3. Oh Lord Shari!

    Parent to parent – your son’s adventure on the ice is the stuff of nightmares. My wife and I are trying to figure out how he could have managed such a tumble and are completely understanding how you might now be a couple of years older all of a sudden. For our oldest, we once got one of those calls that starts with, Mr. & Ms. Wilson, first off, your son is fine, but. . .

    Of course, the only thing that ever follows that is some kind of near death experience and our son had managed to surprise a rattle snake and received a nasty bite which put him in the local hospital for a few days.

    About that puzzle, I’d really like to know who the artist was of that picture you just finished. It looks right in line with the painting from Harry Hargrove I share with you last week. Can it possibly be from the same guy? I couldn’t see a signature and think that HH always had some sort of signature. I bet your box says who the artist was.

    I’m so thankful that your son needed only a few stitches. Am I correct that some RCMP first aid skills were pressed into service for this adventure?



    1. Gary,

      the doctor said he had never seen/heard anything like it! There were so many things that had to line up for him to mange this that he couldn’t do it again if he tried. He wants to get back out and skate which is good but we haven’t let him yet because we don’t want him to fall on that wrist for a few days. I personally am happy with him not skating at all again ever, haha, but would never encourage that so probably some time in the next few days he will be back at it!

      As for first aid skills, it is amazing how muscle memory and training takes over…

      The puzzle box says Art by Les Ray. The puzzle company is Eurographics and I think their website is

      Thanks for stopping in. See you for a virtual cup of coffee in the New Year!


      1. Gracious! So glad he’s okay and this is just another story for retelling at his wedding.
        Amazing how similar your puzzle art is to our wall painting. Maybe there was a trending theme they both got in on.
        Yes. Do this again next year.
        All the best to your family.

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  4. That puzzle is lovely! Last Christmas we had a big puzzle, (I honestly don’t remember how many pieces) in our break room at work. We did finish it, it was a gorgeous photo of our capital city Stockholm.
    It must have been so scary with your son injuring himself! Glad he is healing nicely. Santa got my daughter ice-skates for Christmas. ..
    Happy new Year!

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    1. I like the idea of sharing a puzzle in the break room at work. That is a nice idea.

      Ah, skates from Santa. That’s fun. I also got skates for Christmas, but mine were from the boys. I am terrified to use them, haha. Anyway, thanks for stopping in and Happy New Year.


  5. Your puzzle is so pretty and I’ve never done one so big. And oh boy, what a scare!! I’m so happy your son is stitched up and healing. I think I have a few gray hairs with incidents similar when my kids were growing up! I hope you have a wonderful New Year!! I can’t believe it’s almost 2021! ❤️

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