Story #1 & Story #2 (Guest Post)

Today’s post was written by a 6 year old in grade one. During this particular phase he’s named himself as an aspiring writer/artist. When asked if he would like to do a guest blog post his response was, “Oh yes momma; make me famous!” On that note, here is his debut pieces Story #1 and Story #2.


Story #1

Today I found a birthday cake under the table. My brother ate all of the cake and then I had to go get flour and butter and sugar. I made a new cake. My cake tasted sweet and deliscious. I am a great baker.

Story #2

Once upon a time there lived an octopus under the sea and I wanted to have his candy. The octopus said “NO!” I said you have to share, but the octopus said “No I don’t.” Then I said “if I play with you could I have candy?” We played at the park. “Now can I have candy?” I said. “Yes,” said the octopus. Now we are friends.

By Ayden Marshall – 2017

Ayden is now in grade 2, and since writing these pieces his career choice has changed. Although he maintains that writing is a passion, he now wants to be a marine biologist. Perhaps a combination  of those careers might inspire some great pieces of writing.