Milestones: 50 Before 50

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I started drafting this list on my 37th birthday. I was inspired by a couple other bucket lists that I was creating during the 2016 BlogAhead challenge. It inspired me to create a list specific to me. I took a little time to create a list of well thought out things I’d like to accomplish in the next 12 years.

50 Before 50

  1. Write a book
  2. Publish a book
  3. Do a Scotland/Ireland tour
  4. Learn a new language: Spanish
  5. Grow my blog following to 1000
  6. Visit Hawaii
  7. Grow my hair to the small of my back and then cut and donate it
  8. Get a tattoo that represents my boys
  9. Cage dive with sharks
  10. Publish a few articles and/or short stories
  11. Win a writing contest
  12. Try a new food, something fun, cultural and exotic
  13. Visit Alaska
  14. Go on a cruise
  15. Be debt free or very close to it
  16. Downsize and maintain it
  17. Buy a summer or vacation property
  18. Reach and maintain a goal weight
  19. Start a new family tradition (December 2016, Christmas)
  20. Return to the island and resort that my husband and I got married at
  21. Create a retirement business and be close to opening it if not launched already
  22. Learn to read palms
  23. Visit the Bahamas
  24. Run a ½ marathon
  25. Run a marathon
  26. Re-read my favourite novels
  27. Make sure my boys and husband know how much they mean to me everyday
  28. Do a really big road trip (August 2017)
  29. See the Florida Everglades
  30. Tell my story, memoirs (November 2016 NaNoWriMo, but still editing)
  31. Ride a hot air balloon
  32. Plan how I would like to spend my day when I turn 50
  33. Visit Salem Massachusetts in October, perhaps for Halloween
  34. Become an expert at something
  35. Forgive
  36. Learn more about yoga, learning to teach yoga would be a fun challenge
  37. Go to a Nickelback concert
  38. Take a martial arts class
  39. Sleep somewhere rumoured to be haunted, perhaps some kind of haunted tour
  40. Swim naked in the ocean
  41. Visit as much of Canada as I can
  42. Take a helicopter ride
  43. Make myself a priority
  44. Visit a castle
  45. Create a date night jar and implement a regular date day/night at least once a month
  46. Go on a girl’s trip
  47. Swim in the hot springs (August 2017: this journey isn’t over. I plan to do this again)
  48. Own chickens
  49. Get another dog (June 2017)
  50. Update and repost this at age 45 and again at 50 marking my age or the date beside each accomplishment

It was interesting to review this before posting it because it was amusing to see what I had initially listed, some of it seems ambitions when I read through it. There are a few that I would like to change, but have left it since this was the original list. Let’s see how it goes.

How about you, what are a few of the big things on your to do list?

By Shari Marshall – 2017

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